MB-Lab is a character creation tool for Blender 2.80, based off ManuelBastioniLAB.

MB-Lab was forked from ManuelBastioniLAB in November of 2018, shortly after Manuel Bastioni ceased development of his addon. As it is open source, it was placed on GitHub with an invite to others to help develop and support this amazing tool. What began as a test to see if things could be changed here or there has turned into a global project with several sub forks of it’s own.

MB-Lab is the continuation of ManuelBastioniLAB, evolved for the next generation of Blender.


Professional topology

Complete mesh with teeth, tongue, eyelashes, gum, and eyes as part of main mesh to morph them. Optimized topology for subdivision surface and sculpting.

Ready for animation

Standard skeleton and a well tested rigging, developed to match most external applications and motion capture files. Auto fitting of skeleton. Inverse kinematics and simulated muscle system.

Advanced shaders

Procedural texturing in addition to image maps. Provides support for both Cycles and EEVEE.

Clothing and Hair

Add clothing and polygon hair assets to MB-Lab characters. Proxy fitting allows the transfer of weights to assets. New Hair Engine adds Particle Hair!


Hundreds of morphing parameters. Fuzzy logic algorithm for interpolation permits to mix the parameters in real-time.

Facial Expressions

Along with a library of facial expressions, a custom rig is provided to help animate faces.

Blender 2.80

Made for Blender 2.80+ and tested daily with new builds.

Open Source

MB-Lab is free and Open Source.


MB-Lab is actively developed and supported by an international team of artists and programmers.